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Thread: Suggestion: a floating menu near your hands

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    Exclamation Suggestion: a floating menu near your hands

    I think VR mode needs a floating menu that can appear near your hands for many varied, VR-specific uses.

    Currently, there's a lot of things that we can't do in VR mode. The problem is VR controllers don't have that many buttons to choose from, unlike a keyboard, which is the other extreme end of that spectrum. And as new functionality is added to TTS, it'll be even harder to implement them for VR without a floating menu.

    The floating menu would be bound to a button on either of the controllers and would float above the controllers. You'd interact with one by pointing the other hand at it, similar to how Tilt Brush works. This menu would be used for many different functions such as saved camera positions, tool-switching, and VR-specific settings (like laser settings). See the links to the other posts to see more details on those suggested features.

    Tool-switching or saved cameras should be the first thing that appear on the menu since that would be what we use most of the time (ideally it remembers which of the two was last used).
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