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Thread: search function shows blank cards

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    search function shows blank cards

    Am I the only one that has a problem with searching in a deck of cards in VR?

    the pictures of the cards are blank except the large size popup but it appears behind the cards overview.

    Do I have a silly setting somewhere or is this a general problem.

    dragging a card from the search overview used to move the card in an opposite direction but that appears to be fixed including that you actually get the card on the table.

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    ow comone peeps!!!.

    why is this not fixed by now ... or is noone else experiencing this problem?

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    I feel ... neglected. why no love.. in the form of a bug fix ... or even a tiny response.

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    i am also having this problem, its keeping me from playing kdm in VR.

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    wow tried to message the one moderator of this forum and guess what, he keeps his message box full and cant accept private message, so there is no way for newly registered users on the forum to post issues. That's some great community support you guys got here 2 months of ignoring a game breaking VR bug posted on your forums, which appear to not even be actively moderated.

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    Searching in VR has never worked for anyone since VR was introduced more than a year ago. They're aware of it, but it's super low priority.

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    even with this last update to 10.1 this problem still exists.

    so ..... almost all games that contain card decks or need to be able to search in a bag is currently broken for VR.... maybe that isn't all of them ... but a load of games nonetheless. even the paid dlc ones. please please please pleaaaaase fix this....
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    still a problem

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