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Thread: Update v9.6 New DLC Battle For Greyport, Hands Overhaul, & Custom Rotation Values!

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    Update v9.6 New DLC Battle For Greyport, Hands Overhaul, & Custom Rotation Values!

    Another week is upon us and with that, a new patch! This update brings in a new DLC by SlugFest Games. We’re happy to bring you The Red Dragon Inn: Battle For Greyport! Now available in Tabletop Simulator!

    You and your adventuring companions are just returning to the bustling city of Greyport after your latest adventure. You are all looking forward to relaxing and spending some of your hard-earned loot at The Red Dragon Inn. The party will have to wait, though, because the city is under attack by evil monsters!

    We also have an exciting update to Hands, where you can now bring any object into them! Your hands aren’t just for cards any more! And not just that, but you can now draw and deal from loot bags, infinite bags and stacks!

    We also have a new tool for you in the gizmo side menu - Rotation Values! What does this mean? You can now create custom tooltips for your dice or anything else that needs a tooltip that changes depending on the rotation of the object. Names or numbers are allowed!

    Read on for the full details!

    DLC - The Red Dragon Inn: Battle For Greyport
    • Battle For Greyport by SlugFest Games is now in TTS.
    • Available for $7.99 with a 20% launch discount.
    • 2-5 players, 12 & up.
    • Only the host needs to own the DLC for everyone else to play.
    • To use the scripted rulebook scroll, just click the NEXT and BACK text.
    • You need a minimum of 2 players, but if you want to check out the scripted functions in single player, once you choose your character, change seats to choose another character and then click confirm.

    Hand Improvements
    • Hands can now work with any object if enabled in the toggles menu.
    • Deal and draw works on individual objects like a singular card.
    • You can now deal and draw from bags, infinite bags, and stacks.
    • Works with arbitrary rotation and sideways cards.
    • Improved spacing with hands to work better and on dynamic sized objects.
    • Improved hands reacting to manipulation with the gizmo tools better.
    • Optimized performance of hands.
    • Improved lift height when grabbing something from a hand.
    • Fixed issue when dealing / drawing that the wrong hand could grab the object.
    • Fixed clipping issues when flipping / rotating cards in your hand.
    • Fixed object stacking together when they were in a hand.

    Set Rotation Value on Object Tooltip
    • This allows you many options like custom dice tooltips or custom tiles with different tooltips depending on what side its laying on.
    • Number or name values are both allowed.
    • You can mouse over any object with rotation values and press a number to make it change to that. Or use the contextual menu and Rotation Value to the number.
    • It will try to add up totals on the same objects just like the built in dice do.

    Scripting Improvements
    • Object:
    • Added bool use_hands
    • Added deal(int number, string player_color = "Seated", int index = 1)
    • Added setRotationValues(Table), getRotationValues()

    • Added getHandCount()
    • Updated getHandTransform(int index = 1)
    • Updated setHandTransform(Transform, int index = 1)

    Three Kingdoms Redux DLC Improvements
    • Adjusted the initial number of dealt cards.
    • Fixed issue with the deck labels for the Generals.
    • Fixed scripting issue with cards being dealt sideways.

    Khronos Hunter DLC Improvements
    • Three marked spaces have been added with snap-points.
    • An extra rescaled version of the square-marker bag has been added to each player area so level-ups can be marked on these extra cards.
    • The mana-coin bags in each player area have been moved to make room for these spaces.

    UI Improvements
    • You can now use BB Code colors on black text. Ex, works in Notebook now.
    • Black text is more readable in chat.
    • Fixed being able to move a file / folder to the same location it already is at.

    • First loading scene is now async and has a spinning loading wheel.
    • Optimized CPU usage with lots of objects by 10-20% reduction.
    • Uncapped FPS will no longer cap to 144 but unlimited.
    • Quarter now has heads or tails tooltip.

    • Fixed auto raise so that you can't pick up an object over and over again to make it fly upwards.
    • Fixed issue with Sticky toggle not working properly on bowls.
    • Fixed flickering with 2D pointer when using tools.

    Stay up to date on development by following us on Twitter and Facebook!

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    V9.6 has bug that we can't draw cards from the deck.
    We can draw 1 card face up or face down to our hand, but we can't draw 2 or more cards to hand use the number press.
    Can you fix it ?
    By the way, I'm from china and I sent email to and for cooperation but no reply.

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    Some scripts with hand can't work as usual.
    for examle, the cards draw to hand don't rotate as usual.
    Discard scripts can't discard as usual after this update.

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    I believe they are aware of the "discard scripts" style bug. The issue being setPosition and setPositionSmooth can't seem to get the card out of the hand zone except rarely.

    Drawing, that depends what you mean. The hands no longer enforce a card rotation. This is good, because it means you can "tap" cards in your hands. When I've used the deck.dealToColor() command, that works like it always did, putting the card facing the default direction. However if you use setPosition or setPositionSmooth to move the card to the hand, now the hand will no longer force a rotation, so the card stays at the rotation it was put in there as.

    A fix for that is to get the rotation of the hand you are moving it to and using setRotation to make the card match it (with an offset if needed). If those scripts ARE using dealToColor or dealToAll or whatnot, could you post workshop links? I'd like to take a look at their scripts.


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    When I deal to the hand, the cards go directly to the hand zone which displays the user ID. I usually put another hand zone in front of the userID hand zone to catch the cards before they get to the userID hand zone. This doesn't work anymore. The card now goes right thru the first hand zone directly to the user ID hand zone. It's screwed up a couple of my games now. Any way to make this an option instead of changing the functionality outright?

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    This has been noted, as an unintended side effect of some other recent changes.

    Can you post up a couple of Links to these and any other Mods experiencing this?

    Do you use The Primary (Name holder) Hand Zone for anything other than displaying the players name ?

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    My one published mod that uses hand zones is at

    The current Mod I'm working on, I'll just change it to work with the current functionality.

    My published Mod, though, Yes I use the Primary (Name holder) Hand Zone for other game functions besides just displaying the Player's name.
    It would probably take me a couple days work to go through this mod and get it working with the current functionality, but who wants to keep revisiting old Mods to fix them when TTS updates.

    Especially after reading the following quote in the KnowledgeBase under hand zones, I figured this was SAFE functionality that would not change:

    "Player Name Positions:

    Another cool thing you might want to do is move your name and avatar off the table so you have more space. To do this, you’ll need to delete all existing zones first. Then create a zone in the spot that you want your name. After that, create the zone where you want your cards to go – it will have to be in front of the first zone so that the cards only go into the one in front."


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    This was an unintended effect of a change made for another reason. So will certainly be looked at to see what's the best way to proceed

    If you do make changes to your current Mod keep a backup of the original, in case a "fix" of some kind is implemented now this has been reported and you find yourself needing to switch it back in the not to distant...

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    Oops, just realized I didn't post Hotfix 1 here yesterday.. So here's Hotfix 2!

    Hotfix 2 now live. Please restart Steam to ensure you have the latest update.

    Alt zoom will base the view on the rotation values if they exist on the object.
    Deal/draw will now skip very small hands.
    Fixed Lua setPosition() not removing cards from hands.
    Fixed dealing/drawing issue on Scythe, Xia, and Warfighter.
    Fixed scripting issue in Battle For Greyport, scenario 2.

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    I don't know, these hot fixes didn't seem to fix the issue i was having with hand zones no longer capturing dealt cards. Still passes right thru the first hand zone as the card makes its way to the primary hand zone with the user ID

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    The current change made was to have A hand zone below a certain size stop receiving Drawn, And Dealt cards so it can still function as a name holder without interfering with the other Zones.

    So reducing that zone to a 1" cube or smaller will deactivate it. If you use the Named Hand zone for Something else as well as holding the players name then you will have to wait a little bit longer unfortunately ..

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    Hotfix 3:
    Scripting setPosition() and setRotation() will now cancel the matching smooth action.
    Fixed issue scripting issue with setPosition not working consistently from Hands.
    DLC Grey Port:
    Small corrections to the scripting, naming of items and card placements.

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    I don't know if it was the hot fix but now all of a sudden, TTS eats up almost all my memory on two separate laptops. So it can't just be a coincidence.

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