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Thread: How to update existing Assetbuble projects to latest TTS project version?

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    How to update existing Assetbuble projects to latest TTS project version?

    I have some old Unity TTS projects that need to be updated to the latest project version.
    What is the best practice?

    Is it enough to just copy some files from newer to older or must something more complicated be done?

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    You will need to move your assets from the older version to the newer to be on the safe side. Load up the new project from the github file in the v5.6.2f1 version of unity and drop in the assets from your older project file into this newer version.

    You may find you need to adjust some of the materials your using in this new version of unity if you found your older Assetbundles were showing up with Pink Materials in TTS.

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    Thanks Lucky Seven.
    Will try.
    I found my Dice Trays complaining of a wrong shader and loosing part of the effects.
    Nothing pink so far.

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