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Thread: Feature Request: Card Sleeves

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    Question Feature Request: Card Sleeves

    Use Case: Games like Mystic Vale, which have mechanics that rely on stacking cards on top of one another, and having those stacks survive shuffling. In the physical world, Mystic Vale solves that through the use of transparent sleeves, and the player shuffles the sleeved sets of cards together throughout the game.

    I need to do the same thing in TTS.

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    What you are referring to is, practically speaking, bags within bags.

    As I usually say, I don't have anything at all against this feature request, but I can think of a solution you might be able to do now. You could make your smaller decks, put those smaller decks into a bag, shuffle the bag, and I believe the contents of the deckswithin the bags will stay in the same order. Then it is just a matter of pulling the little decks out and stacking them up. A script could be written to shuffle and then pull out all the mini decks and make 1 deck with them.

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    Genius workaround. Definitely does sound viable without a formal sleeves capability. Albeit admittedly clunky presentation. Would get pretty tiring to do that en masse, a la Mystic Vale though, which is a deck builder at its core. Imagine unpacking and re-packing your little bags over and over and over again as you shuffle, draw and re-shuffle your growing parent deck.

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    If you'd be interested, I could script you a tool. You just put your little decks into the bag as you go (or we could designate an area for each player to have little decks that the script could pick up for you), then it shuffles it and dumps them back out.

    The only manual part required would be the person putting the little decks together in the first place, which to my understanding, is the fun part haha

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    Hmm. That's very kind of you to offer. Thank you.

    To continue on Mystic Vale's example though, a few of the mini-decks are displayed in front of the player during their turn, then discarded at the end of each turn. Once the player runs out of mini-decks, they shuffle their discard pile, which becomes their new deck, and play continues.

    So the player would pull out a few mini decks at the start of their turn, then discard them. In Mystic Vale, the top mini-deck is also turned over and sits on top of the deck. These kinds of "groups of cards that work like single cards in a deck" types of activities are really why we just need actual sleeves in TTS.

    For all intents in purposes, I need a standard card deck with cards, that looks and behaves like a deck of cards, with cards that can be grouped together and kept in order during shuffling.

    For custom games, like one I'm working on, I need to be able to group those cards where at least one of the cards intially remains unseen from the player. Having to muck with scripts for a workaround solution might just increase the frustration level during play, you know?

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    For a game where you don't need to be able to see the "components" all the time, maybe states would work? That wouldn't be great for Mystic Vale though.

    (Can states be added to an object via scripting?)

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