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Thread: Allow Search window to search card descriptions as well as name

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    Allow Search window to search card descriptions as well as name

    The Search window for a deck only finds text if it is in the card Name field. I would like to be able to add descriptors, tags, etc. to the description field and then find the cards meeting those descriptors without having to put all of those into the Name field.

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    I really like that too. For CCGs/LCGs we could then have keywords and descriptions of cards and search for those keywords in the Search box. Would be great for deck-building mods.

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    I would really appreciate this functionality as well.

    I just spent a decent amount of time adding in descriptions for MTG cards for the hope that I could use the deck search option to search the description as well.

    Then I could find cards by their abilities ( for example: Reach ) without having to memorize all of the card names.

    I would really prefer not adding this information to the card name, as that is over 1000 characters in atleast one case....

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