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Thread: Setups (Long overdue)

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    Exclamation Setups (Long overdue)

    I'm kind of incredibly surprised that we still don't have Setups in TTS.

    There's so many games that, based on the number of players, play differently or have different amounts of components or have a different table layout or take up wayyy more space on a table making it cramped at max players or games have different scenarios.... These are just some examples as to why we could really use a system for table Setups.

    The way I picture it, you could make several saves of a mod and its layout and then choose when uploading which saves act as which setup. You'd name the setups and order them. In that window you could even mark certain mods to be the default for certain number of players. This is great for if your setups are mostly/exclusively there for the number of players. The box with the number of players seated would be pre-checked, saving you a click.

    When you would open a mod, if it had several setups, a new box would popup with a list of all the Setups (probably the one that currently confirms "load game?") and that's how you'd choose setups.

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    So basically a save file with other save files contained inside?

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    Basically yea. There might be other, better ways to do this, mind you. The idea is giving mod makers a tool so that we don't need to have mods with tables set up for 4 players when it's played by 2 players most of the time (to name just one example).

    Currently you CAN do this with mods like the Memory Bag, but it's far from ideal

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