recently I have been getting back into the mmo scene and found a decent game from the makers of ultima called shroud of the avatar. And from my playing I really am enjoying it while looking forward to every addition to the game, they have conversational npcs and not prompted dialog, combat has this interesting deck system that rather then having cool downs you go through cards, players can own towns and there are +40 player designed towns being added to the core game, crafting can finally be a full time role in this game so if you dont want to be a combat character you can actually go through the game 100% as a crafter.

for anyone wanting to check out the game you can invest as little or as much as you want into the game and right now they have alot of cool stuff to give you based on your investment so check it out: and if money is an issue there is a system already in place to do monthly subs, this game is a pay once and its yours but if you want to pay it over time you can do that.

If you do end up jumping in dont forget to add me as a referrer as they actually have some decent rewards for getting your friends to play that are meaningful ^_^
my id is 117328