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    Being here, doing this

    My name is Hugh Everett.

    I've been playing games since 1955, and programming since 1960. (on paper at first! There was no actual computer available to me or my family back then!) Remember when you took your deck of punch cards to the Computer Center? That is where I got my user name.

    My latest project is "Samba", not the network file handling protocol, but a variation on canasta. It's not ready for upload yet. I have two particular ideas to improve Tabletop Simulator just now.

    I want to put a score pad on the table, and be able to move it around. I have figured out how to use a tab in the notebook to keep a score sheet, so this is really a want, rather than a need.

    I want to customize the contextual menus to eliminate irrelevant options for my game and add options I need, such as spreading a deck on a surface (melding a group of cards).

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    Hello. For number one, with scripting, there's a few ways to make a scorepad. The easiest is to get the model of the pad you want and then create an input on it (check out the Object page in the Knowledge Base Scripting section for the command basics, we can help if you get stuck or provide examples). Without scripting, if you lock down an object onto the table you can draw on it with one of the two pen tools.

    For number 2, I'm sorry but we don't have any access to the contextual menu. Scripting can be added to place cards and such, you can make buttons to activate code (like to lay your cards out), and there's also script keys (the numpad keys) which can be used to activate scripts. So a lot of other ways to activate code which can include, among other things, setup

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