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Thread: Update 2.3 - Feedback Bug Report [Unofficial]

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    Update 2.3 - Feedback Bug Report [Unofficial]

    Update v2.3 - Object tinting, material swapping, & lots more!

    Update 2.3 just came out, and of course with it some minor things I would like to mention. However I thought a thread just for a few minor complaints might be a bit silly, so feel free to post your own here.

    -Right-clicking an object toggles the selection for it. Shift right-clicking might work to avoid problems such as when your trying to quickly trying to change item names and descriptions.
    -Color tinting figures affects the image that is pasted on, rather than the base. However on the RPG-Kit's animated figures it affects the base. Not sure if this is a bug, or a feature.
    -The table's picture now seems to stay the same when switching between save files. To fix this I have to switch tables and then load the new file, or manually update the picture. (Bug)

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    Update 2.3 - Feedback Bug Report [Unofficial]

    I have some bugs to report too.

    The new pickup feature doesn't work when picking up a deck.

    Also, not sure about this but picking up objects in a clump (picking up then shaking a little) causes significantly more net lag than it used to. Not sure if it's just me or has something to do with the update.
    Lastly, I absolutely LOVE the slip card under deck feature. It's really quite useful.

    EDIT: The lagging problem also happens with unclumped pickups.

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    Update 2.3 - Feedback Bug Report [Unofficial]

    - Tinting two decks different colors and then combining them overwrites one of the deck's tint with the other one.
    - Go pieces can be recolored, but go bowls can't be.
    - There's still some overlapping issues with the new UI: scrolling a chest menu results in floating piece images outside the window, various parts of the esc menu appear above the workshop window, and opening another games window with the workshop window open results in some weird window overlap.
    - The silver chess pieces are the only ones that don't seem to change color at all.
    - Tinting the plastic colored dice is very inconsistent, only rarely tinting it the color you set, whereas the colored blocks' colors seem to be overwritten as I would expect.
    - The contextual menu should be movable, as currently the save button can go off the screen and be unclickable when right clicking an object near the bottom of your screen.
    - Tinting a stack of poker chips only changes the color of the bottom chip.
    - Stacks of poker chips also seem to occasionally clump right away when picked up in groups (though not all the time for some reason).

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    Update 2.3 - Feedback Bug Report [Unofficial]

    Bug with grid:

    Bug 1
    Go to grid, enable show lines then hit the X in the top right. The grid is still on.

    Bug 2
    Go to grid, enable show lines then hit save and exit. Go back into the the grid. The grid disappears.

    If you hit save and exit from here, the grid looks like this. (if you keep going into grid and hitting save and exit, it will flip flop between looking like how it's suppose to, and the picture below.)

    Bug 3
    Go to grid, enable show lines then hit save and exit. Go back into the the grid. The grid disappears.
    If you hit X at this point, the grid isn't shown even though show lines is still checked. The values also aren't shown for x and y.

    While messing with the grid, I realized it would be nice to be able to have the option to visually raise and lower it in case any object happens to be blocking it while you're trying to resize it (such as an upscaled board)

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    Update 2.3 - Feedback Bug Report [Unofficial]

    OS : Ubuntu 14.lattest
    Steam: lattest
    TTS: 2.3
    Grfx : Radeon HD6670

    Issues. Since the upgrade... game launches into the Screen Selection window. Once selected it goes to the splash and then a black screen. It then hangs up until I kill -9 it.

    It is working under WINE though.

    Head scratcher.

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    Update 2.3 - Feedback Bug Report [Unofficial]

    Old bug that still exists from before 1.8

    The game saves an image that is larger in size than the original.

    My original post about it

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    Update 2.3 - Feedback Bug Report [Unofficial]

    Moving a bunch of cards makes them all change to their default orientation rather than staying rotated the same way. This is especially annoying when trying to move a game of Carcassonne where each card is rotated to work with the rest of the cards.

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    Update 2.3 - Feedback Bug Report [Unofficial]

    Update 2.4 is now online!

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