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Thread: Add a Hidden Contents option to Hand Zones

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    Add a Hidden Contents option to Hand Zones

    Specifically for a sponsored mod I'm making, the creator of the game (American McGee) would like to be able to hide the number of cards in a player's hand. Keeping this a secret would allow for a more sneaky and cutthroat strategy to his game. Currently, the only way to do this is to overlap the Hand Zone with a Hidden Zone, but the Hidden Zone box is always visible. For this game, that tends to clutter the play area. If it was possible to add a "Contents hidden from other players" option of some sort, I feel this would meet the needs for the mod and be an interesting feature for other games that might require keeping the quantity of one's hand a secret.
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    This already exists as a hidden zone, so you basically just want invisible hidden zones haha

    IMO, if you got hand zones that hid stuff while being invisible, people would then want the same functionality from hidden zones. I have heard multiple designers say they wish they could change their look or make them invisible. But hands have a very unique function, so to give them this option and not hidden zones would just tuck that option in a place that would automatically cut it off from a lot of uses. And if it did get added to hidden zones (being transparent), the transform tool would make it nice and easy to overlay it with a hand exactly.

    Transparent hidden zones are an older suggestion, but that doesn't mean the idea being bumped isn't good now an again =)

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