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Thread: Tablet URL Length Increase

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    Tablet URL Length Increase

    Currently it seems that the URL length in the address bar of a tablet is limited to 999 chars, however the tablet in fact supports links to URLs much longer than this. With some websites this makes it difficult to copy and paste URLs from the tablet address bar. As far as I can tell there wouldn't be much of a problem with increasing the length of the string used for the address bar (or even removing this limit). If this could be done I would appreciate it.

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    what links are more than 999? or are you saying when you click in the address bar only a section is highlighted?

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    It goes by pretty fast. I just clicked a random link on fb and it looks like this
    HTML Code:
    That's 761 characters. So the 999 limit can be reached pretty fast. I second the suggestion.

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    I was messing with the tablet lately and pages can redirect to URLs muuch longer than 999, something around 11000 worked fine. So that's some input box limitation, tablet works fine with these.

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    Yes it's most likely an input field limitation not an actual limit placed on the tablet.

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    So, does that mean you can't do anything about it until Unity fixes it?

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    That is correct.

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    I say more input fields !! Then again I really don't care.

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