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Thread: Counter: Keystroke for up/down

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    Counter: Keystroke for up/down

    I'd like to be able to adjust a counter by mousing over it, and hitting -/=

    The tiny buttons for + and - are just that: Tiny.

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    You could increase the size and the +/- would be easier to hit.

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    You can also take a look at scripted counters. Lots of them on the workshop currently that you can customize.

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    "Bigger" isn't an option, as "sufficiently big" would be too big for the rest of the stuff. I'm trying to improve an existing game module, and the original maker isn't around to ask for help.

    As someone that doesn't know their way around the workshop, how would I go about finding/selecting a scripted counter?

    And, how would I know that what I want to look for is a "scripted counter"?

  5. #5 There's a search in the top right, just type "scripted counters", tho "numbered counters" seem to be more what you want from what i saw. Or just type "counters" and toggle the "Scripting" toggle on the right of the search results

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    1,072 here's an old one I made, its on a custom_token so you can just supply it a new image for its background

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