I'd really love to see a feature where we could click and drag a shape onto the tabletop (circle, square, octagon, etc...) sort of like one can do in photoshop, and instantly draw that shape on the tabletop. Making it so that these shapes could then have specific areas of it erased would be ideal.

The reason I say this is because it'd be a huge boon for D&D and any other tabletop role-playing game. Need a room? Drag the desired rectangle shape onto the table, and it's drawn. Erase a small area and you have a doorway. Drag again and you have a table in the room. Drag a circle and you have stools. This could also be useful for people who like to make rectangles and circles for indicating a discard area in a game, and generally potentially help keep things organized. I know I'd use this feature quite a bit. I tended to sigh a lot in frustration trying to draw a half circle room via mouse.

Anyways, really hope to see this someday! Thanks for the great game!