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Thread: Drag and Draw Shapes & Lines

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    Drag and Draw Shapes & Lines

    I'd really love to see a feature where we could click and drag a shape onto the tabletop (circle, square, octagon, etc...) sort of like one can do in photoshop, and instantly draw that shape on the tabletop. Making it so that these shapes could then have specific areas of it erased would be ideal.

    The reason I say this is because it'd be a huge boon for D&D and any other tabletop role-playing game. Need a room? Drag the desired rectangle shape onto the table, and it's drawn. Erase a small area and you have a doorway. Drag again and you have a table in the room. Drag a circle and you have stools. This could also be useful for people who like to make rectangles and circles for indicating a discard area in a game, and generally potentially help keep things organized. I know I'd use this feature quite a bit. I tended to sigh a lot in frustration trying to draw a half circle room via mouse.

    Anyways, really hope to see this someday! Thanks for the great game!

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    Although the request is sound... I'm thinking more why not have a custom asset that is shaped like a room that you need? or why not a custom discard box.. etc. I think that is the foundation of TTS.

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    So, I used to think that I wanted this for a long time (and somehow never thought to request it..?) but I just realized that a quite decent solution already exists: Decals!

    You can just make a simple image once and then add it to tons of places really easily. And it doesn't have to be an ultra-simplistic drawing, it can have actual graphics too

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    Honestly? If you're that fond of 2D maps you might as well use Roll20 instead.

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    I've wanted it for a long time to make mods more attractive and clear by making visual zones on the board, so i don't think it's an excessive request. But like I said, Decals can do that

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    I can think of situations where a flat decal might not work, and resizing them is not super easy.

    It'd be near if we could use the projector system to draw on objects (the one that puts grids down onto objects currently), sort of like a top-down vector pen. I don't know how practical that is, just a neat concept imo

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    Other advantage is shapes would not have to be hosted somewhere unlike decals. So I could create a version with lots of extras to help with placement, learning, etc. and load that when hosting online without having to worry about hosting the decals somewhere. Especially useful for the DLC, where there is an expectation that all of the assets are already included. A lot of tweaks like these are player/group specific so often not good candidates for the game workshop.

    What I have done for cards is take the TTS included cube, scale down the Z axis to make it very thin, then stretch it out to close to card size, adjust the color, then place where I want them and then lock them in. But vector shapes would be a much better solution. I think it would even help the TTS devs when creating DLC.

    Some shapes I would like to see the most are: lines, singe arrows, double arrows (both ends of the line), contour/bevel edged and 90deg angle corner square/rectangle with outline and solid variants. These could really help with placeholder for where decks and discards go, etc. Solid and outlines for circles/ellipses, and the same for a triangle would also be great. Maybe some "L" , "+", and "T" shapes as well, though lines can be used to create those.

    If that is too hard to implement, then what about a hotkey we can hold down when drawing to force the path to snap to the closest 45deg angle direction, so we can create our own lines?

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