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Thread: Toggle Draw from Bag

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    Toggle Draw from Bag

    The recently added feature to draw from bags is a really good idea, but if a bag contains cards and is a stated object at the same time, trying to switch a state with the press of a number instead draws cards...

    So, I'd imagine a solution to this being a toggle option for bags to be drawable from.

    But I would be fine with other solutions as well, including altered state controls.

    EDIT: MrStump suggested using a modifier key such as shift to hold when pressing numbers to change state instead of drawing cards. It sounds like a good solution to me.
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    Right click -> Set state -> choose one.

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    Of course I can right click, but that is super tedious to do in comparison to just hovering over it and pressing a number...

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    This seems like a bug to me... I don't think there should be a logic as to why cards are drawn with the number if they're in a bag

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    I don't think its a bug. You have a context key which performs 2 actions, draws and changes state. So you have a stated object you can draw from, one needs to take priority. It makes sense to me that it is drawing for general purposes.

    Baryonyx just wants to be able to disable that priority so it can change states instead. Which makes sense to me.

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    Ok, yea, I'd misread the post

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    I would like this functionality returned as well. It doesn't actually matter if the contents of the bag is cards or objects, it draws from it nonetheless.

    I have a table with stated figures and associated cards for those figures (example: 50 infinite bags stated as one bag, each state representing a figure. Another 50 infinite bags stated as one bag, each state representing the stat card for each figure). So, if I know that state 50 is Zombies, I shouldn't have to right click and go to 50 on each object so that I can grab the Zombie figures and the Zombie stat card when previously just typing 50 over each object switched it instantly.

    It seems like this functionality should work with the 'Hands' toggle that is currently implemented (but doesn't actually work). If the 'Hands' toggle is off and the object is stated, then pressing a number should revert back to changing the state of the object.

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    The problem with this is for every use case where states take priority there's an equal number of use cases where drawing objects takes priority. There's no possible with that I can think of for the tool to intuit it, and it is such a specific edge situation that it doesn't make a lot of sense to add context toggles for it for every object. Especially since the method you want to take priority very well may change from moment to moment.

    Maybe holding down a modifier key, like control or shift, could change the use of the number key from one context to the other? That way you have a nice, simple keyboard shortcut (shift + 1 instead of just 1) to indicate that you are looking to use the other use-type.

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    There's already a context toggle for 'Hands' though? If there's already a state you can put an object into that's supposed to suppress drawing objects into your hand (which doesn't work currently, of i'm just not sure what the toggle is supposed to do...) then why not piggy back off of that functionality?

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    As-is, hands is a toggle that allows THAT ITEM to go into a hand. If you turn on hands toggle, you can hold a bag or deck in the hand zone (or any object that has it toggled on). It does not related to the objects that entity may contain or the other states that may be a part of it.

    It was added when they updated hands a couple months back. It basically allows you to have any object treated like a card would be. Those number buttons for drawing cards/switching states don't, to me, make logical sense to tie together with the ability to hold THAT SPECIFIC OBJECT in your hand

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    So then a new toggle that has the "Drawable" state for bags?

    Either way, there should be an option to return the functionality of stated bags back to allow for changing states using the alphanumeric keys.

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    In my eyes, this is so niche (stated object that is also a bag/deck) that putting a toggle on EVERY object doesn't make a lot of sense. All those other toggles are for ALL objects not situational ones.

    Please don't take my discussion about this as argument that it isn't a nice idea. I just think accomplishing it through a toggle is a bad idea. A context key (shift+1 instead of 1) or something makes more sense to me. Whichever isn't already doing camera presets

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    MrStump, I like the idea with shift. I will add that to the first post.

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