It would be a great quality of life improvement for many games to have an option on a players Hand Object to select 'Always Visible'.

This would display the selected hand to its owning player at the bottom of their display. Ideally it would also be interactive, meaning they could be viewed with the object viewer (alt) by hovering, or if a player drug a card from their 'Always Visible' hand into the board the appropriate card would move from the players hand onto the field, and cards could be drug back into a players hand by placing them at the bottom of the screen. Optionally a setting to change the amount of card visible (height) might be useful depending on how much of a card needs to be seen, or if you need more screen real estate.

This seems like a big request, but this is definitely one of the more frustrating aspects of card games where jumping between your hand and play area is required.

Something like this: