Hi Kimiko and Knil,
I love this program (have logged over 3425 hrs) and I'm trying to learn how to use it well, but I increasingly run into the same problems in making my mods. I make war-games. Some are hex and counter games (SPI, Avalon Hill, etc.) others are miniature figure war-games on diorama-like battlefields, but both run into similar problems. Many of these games have MANY pieces, lots of custom models. I'm not a 3-D modeler, but I do construct many items often using the 'Joint Tool', sometimes with several pieces (have not learned asset bundles yet). This results in mods with hundreds (sometimes up to a thousand) assets! I then have trouble loading (up to 2 min or more) and especially saving and exiting the program often locking it up (freezing) or, if I'm lucky, taking many minutes (up to 5 or more) just to return to the main menu. It can be very frustrating, and can then corrupt the file losing all my work not saved (I've gotten used to saving in more than one place because of this file corrupting problem).
Also I still can't upload a mod directly( I wrote to Kimiko and the Forum months ago and someone mentioned this work-around that I've been using ever since), I have to use the "save a blank mod...then 'Update the Workshop' with my ACTUAL mod method". A pain, but usable.
I think this program has the possibilities to be the virtual reality board game standard (or it's prototype) for the future and I want it to succeed.