I've got a couple mods I'm working on that use board tiles as the items in the hand. With objects capable of being in hands now, this isn't a problem from that aspect. The issue I'm having is wrapping my head around the possibility of draw piles with them.

One mod requires players to draw 3 tiles, play 1, and then put the unused tiles back on the bottom of the pile in any order they choose. Drawing tiles from a bag isn't really a problem, but putting them back creates the possibility of seeing what is drawn next (using search to place the tiles back at the end, but everything is seen). Is there possibly a more elegant way to handle this?

The other mod uses a discard pile, so flipping that back and putting into the bag isn't a huge deal. But if there's a way to do tiles as a deck in a way that may not require a bag, this mod would benefit from that option.

I thought about using cards instead of tiles or custom models, but I feel like some of the effect of building the board is lost without using something "meatier." I dunno. Any suggestions are appreciated.

EDIT: Oh, forgot to mention, Mod 1 uses hexagonal tiles, Mod 2 uses squares, if that matters in any suggestions.