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Thread: Moving the snapping point on an object

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    Lightbulb Moving the snapping point on an object

    It would be great to be able to move the point on an object that is used for snapping.

    The reason for this comes from a game I tried to make but didn't really work w current systems. In it you place shapes made of equally-sized squares. Think of basically placing tetris pieces, but not necessarily 5 pieces.

    It seems that if you have a grid system, placing Tetris pieces should be super easy, but the problem is that the snapping point for an object isn't necessarily the center of a square, but the center of the object's bounding box.

    Here's an example: If you have grid snapping on and you tried to place the T piece in Tetris (rotated like this: tetris4.jpg), it would snap in the "horizontal middle" of the center pieces but the "vertical middle" would make it snap on the line between the top and bottom rows. So whether you're snapping the grid on corners or on centers, it won't align properly on the grid and with other differently-shaped pieces.

    The solution would be to let us choose the point of the object that aligns with the grid. I see this being done with a new tool under Snapping (F10) called "Snapping center" that lets us click a point on the object to place the object's new "center" that's used for snapping. If you then click elsewhere on the object, it just moves the point to that new position, and clicking the point defaults it back to the original center (similar interaction to how you remove snapping points on an object).

    With that, I could click the center of any square on my T piece (wouldn't matter which grid square the object actually snaps to, since I'd align the piece with the shadow anyway), and the grid would actually work perfectly for placing pieces. I personally want it for grids, but I think it would be logical that the new "snapping center" is also used when trying to place an object with a snap point. I bet that RPG players would really like this functionality too, since they tend to use grid-based stuff a lot.

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    OK, this is an easy one.

    When you make a 3D model, it gets a point that we call the "origin".


    The dot that you see in the middle of this cube model, for example. That's its "origin" point. That is what TTS uses as an attach point when they snap to the Grid or Snap Points. I could easily move the origin of this cube, like so...


    and now it's in the corner, so it's going to snap to the grid and any snap points made, by that point on the model.

    So changing this point, or rather, making sure it's in a good place so that it can be used for its purpose, is in the control of the maker of the model, and once it's made and imported, then it can't be modified.

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    I'm not using 3d models though, I'm using tokens. I understand it would be very easy to do for 3d models but having to make everything I want into a 3d model is a real pain. This should be useable for tokens, tiles, cards, whatever and be easy to use.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unreal_Ed View Post
    I'm not using 3d models though, I'm using tokens. I understand it would be very easy to do for 3d models but having to make everything I want into a 3d model is a real pain.
    Well most of the time when you want control over what you are making then you have to make it yourself. If you don't, then you are at the mercy of dealing with how the built-in things, or other peoples' things, work as they are.

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    I've actually requested a "Peg and Slot" system for snaps that would nearly address this issue.

    The basic idea is that you can put down a "peg" on an object (not necessarily at the origin of an object) and that object will move and rotate so that the "Peg" aligns to the "Slot". Should this be implemented, I think it would also make sense to be able to designate one "Peg" to be the "Grid Peg" as well so that the object will snap to the grid so that the "Grid Peg" will match the position of the grid point you're looking for.

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    I hadn't forgotten your peg and slot post. I do like it but assumed it wouldn't work for the grid, but yea can be easily adapted to the grid like you said. I would love to see that peg and slot functionality come out

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