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Thread: Trying to work with someone else's custom model

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    Trying to work with someone else's custom model

    So what I'm doing: trying to add a 5th and 6th player position to a game that has 4. The game is currently on a rectangle table, with 2 on each long side. I've come to the conclusion that there is no way to make a standard table bigger, and there's not enough room on this table to put players 5 and 6.

    But I can use a custom table, and make that bigger. It even gets less of a border, making more usable table space. All good.

    Well, there wasn't enough room on the standard table for all of the tokens/cards/etc that this game uses. So, a bunch of "Custom_Model"'s were added to the file.

    It took me forever to figure out how to duplicate what this person had done. As far as I can tell, each of these models makes a small table, that when placed over the void wants to fall. But, you can hit "L" to lock them in place before they have fallen too far, and then you can use them as a surface. There's one with a hidden zone for each player (and yes, this game uses a LOT of hidden space). And there's several with the thingies that the game uses. (NB: The person that worked on this before got all of these models to the exact same height, and I can't figure out how -- each time I lock one, it's at a slightly different height.)

          "CustomMesh": {
            "MeshURL": "",
            "DiffuseURL": "",
            "NormalURL": "",
            "ColliderURL": "",
            "Convex": false,
            "MaterialIndex": 1,
            "TypeIndex": 0,
            "CastShadows": true
    I have looked at those Mesh/Collider files, and all I see is a bunch of numbers :-). I don't know how to work with a 3d model file.

    Issues that I have and don't know how to work with:
    1. The per-player tables have no snapping. The ones holding all the game cards have snapping points that the cards stick to.

    I don't know how to display the snap points (they are NOT the same as the table's snap points, the table does not have snapping).
    I don't know how to turn the snapping on or off.

    2. Attempting to pick up these models to move them: Well, they are locked in space, and the cards are resting on them. If I unlock them, they fall, and the cards fall. If I unlock, and then pick up (left click), the cards fall through to the void and then land in a pile on the center of the table. Is there any way to move the cards and model as a unit?

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    If you post a link to what game you are trying to change then it'll be easier to help you. There's very little one can do in this sense without being able to see things.

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    I know Mr Stump just uploaded a table sizer thingy, dunno if that would work for you or not.

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