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Thread: Atom Save / Load not always working

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    Atom Save / Load not always working

    This is pretty big problem if I am making changes to code on more than one object because they are interworking together. I have to paste whole code for each to notepad, close atom, reopen, copy back over just to be sure I got all the changes I made.

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    That should probably be posted to the plugin feedback thread (pinned on scripting forum).

    BTW, working on files that aren't directly object scripts, but are located elsewhere and included in object script using #include is much safer. They are never overwritten on load so you can just save and reopen Atom.

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    thanks, these are object scripts, about 4 things all intereacting with each other, and each having from 600-2000 lines

    I don't know how #include works

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    I have run into a similar issue. Are you using the linter 2.2.0 plugin?

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    No, I don't even know what that is. I haven't installed any plugins this time around.

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    Problem is happening more frequent now. Just had to restart twice in last 3 minutes.

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    It also is an issue if you destroy the object in TTS prior to saving in atom. I've noticed that causes it to not update the object info. Besides that though I'm not sure what would cause it.

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