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Thread: Scripting score totals with Character Sheet?

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    Scripting score totals with Character Sheet?

    I'm converting a game that you track scores across three rounds. Each round you get six point numbers and you add them up, and after three rounds that's your end game total. I'm really interested in accomplishing this with the character sheet scripting that was recently implemented. I can understand just fine how to create inputs and boxes, but I don't know how I could assign their values to variables and add them up and display them. I'm familiar with a few programming languages, so I should be able to follow some examples, but pure LUA is still pretty foreign to me.

    The score card in question (columns added up at end of each round, and round 3 has a special condition if you have 0 scored on all you get 33 points for the round). The card area on the left of the scoresheet is just a place for your Line Up card:
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    Do you already have the code to create textboxes and keep their values persistent? I can take a look how to adapt what you have or shoot you up a little snippet that would create them in the first place too.

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    I might need to see an example of creating them in the first place. I was working with MrStump's character sheet mod, and I see how the elements he created are able to be made, but I'm lost on how to properly store a value to a variable that I can apply math to. LUA's a weird beast sometimes.
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    I made an example for a friend earlier (link: and it would be pretty easy to modify to your needs and explain it, but turns out my laptop can't handle TTS at all. I'll be on my PC and available after the weekend (if you won't have it figured by then), sorry

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    The Tabletop Mini Golf mod does this with the scorecard. takes the entries and then adds them in a sum at the end of it, so maybe you could use that as a reference?

    Also a message from dzikakulka:
    turns out my laptop will fry before I get anything done in TTS so just wanted to let him know I'll try to continue once Im on PC after weekend.

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    Okay, so with the Mini Golf score card, I see what he's doing to get his two columns of inputs. When I'm not getting is how he's grabbing the values of each box and totaling them. This is where LUA throws me off. It's just kinda sorta maybe like JavaScript, then suddenly it's COMPLETELY NOT. I really appreciate the help though. I just can't seem to wrap my head around it. I can certainly wait for more help. That's not a problem.
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