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Thread: Objects with a "interactable" variable set to false can still be nudged by players

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    Objects with a "interactable" variable set to false can still be nudged by players

    Just like the title says. I've set an object's "interactable" variable set to false, and then discovered I can still move it by nudging it.

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    Try also locking it - obj.lock() or through right click menu while it's still interactable.

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    Probably the correct term is "user" interactable.

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    I was about to make a thread for this same issue.

    It completely defeats the purpose of having the setting if users can interact with the object anyway. As-is, you can choose to either have a physics-based object or prevent people from throwing it around, but not both.

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    When interactable is set to false, Players cannot directly interact with the object.
    But you can still indirectly interact with the object (i.e. grab another object you can interact with and push it into the the interactable = false object, it will move the interactable = false object)

    The way to stop this is to set Lock = true.

    self.interactable = false

    That will fix the problem!

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    That does not fix the issue, and isn't even a reasonable workaround. If you lock an object, it cannot move at all.

    If all you wanted to do was stop an object moving completely, the interactable option is almost entirely irrelevant in the first place.

    Edit: It seems like you might have misunderstood the thread? The player can still directly interact with the object using the Nudge control, default N.

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    I stand corrected.

    A player can use the Nudge control to move an object with interactable = false.

    I guess that could be a problem.

    I don't know, usually when you set interactable = false, that means you don't want anybody fooling with the object including making it move.

    Setting Lock makes sure it doesn't move.
    Setting interactable = false makes sure no one can unlock it.

    Of course, this isn't a good solution if you want the object to still be able to move by some other means.

    So I agree - this is a BUG.

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    This easily reproducible issue was ignored in the latest update. Still waiting for any sort of feedback.

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