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Thread: Win + G - Recording Video Question - Where is the file saved to?

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    Win + G - Recording Video Question - Where is the file saved to?

    I just recorded a short demo of a project I'm working on but I don't know where the file is saved to so I can upload it

    Anyone know?

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    If you're talking about Game DVR on Windows 10, clips should be in "[User]\Videos\Captures"

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    probably need to check out the forums of your recording software... or (type this into google "where are my files saved [insert recording softwares name])

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    I use DXTROY to record my TTS games. - example:

    You can also get SHADOWPLAY to record it as well if you have a NVIDIA card, in addition if you switch the app to "windowed mode" you can use other recording apps that simply capture the screen... like say CAMTASIA.

    A cheap recording app I have that is pretty good is called "BANDICAM". I do not use it much anymore as I have DXTROY.. but it is very good and worth a look at.
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    I'm a fan of DXTORY myself

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    Another option is OBS, which is free. Most associate OBS with streamers, but it does recordings too, so it's always an option, plus it's a lot more versatile than some of the other applications I've seen that are made purely for screen capture.

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