Found bug 1: Some pieces, when clicking 'start game' button, are LOCKED in place when appear on board!!! (first 4 hexes from top) - they shouldnt be.
'Bug' 2: Green player doesn't have its bone pile locked in place.
'Bug' 3: Notoriety token bag is not locked in place.
Preference 1: Bigger hide zones!
Preference 2: Make a script with turning checkboxes to indicate when player is ready to show. If every checkbox is on the 'ready' side, the hidden zones go away, 'hide' button spawns somewhere.
Preference 3: Script that will drop bones on start of round 2 and 3
Preference 4: Snapping points for score tracker!
And, preference 5: If possible, a script that automatically counts score. Something like playmat/controller, like you did in Xia. Some buttons to indicate notorious actions, that will give you a token automatically, some buttons to set how many bones in your ribs/spine/head/etc, and a place to put a special cards.

Just when we played, even in updated version we had some troubles during score counting and hiding zones.