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Thread: Measured Move Tool

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    Measured Move Tool

    Measured Move Tool

    The proposed tool would work as follows:
    Turn tool on
    Select object it picks up the object (just like the grab tool)
    The tool places a line point at the center bottom of the object and draws a measuring line as you move the object (just like the line tool)
    If you left click again it places the object
    If you right click it makes the object pop back to the origin point and cancels the pickup / line tool function

    I think this tool would be a great improvement and allow for the playing of miniature / wargames much easier.

    I realize you can somewhat do this as is by selecting an object then pressing and holding tab, the problem is that there is no way to revert your movement if you decide not to move the piece, it also requires you to select the grab tool again to pick up another object adding one more unneeded step to playing.

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    If you hold tab after picking up an object it will draw a measuring line as you are placing your object.

    Not exactly what you describe, I just thought it was worth mentioning

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    Yeah, I know this its actually the last sentence in the op. It doesn't work exactly how you would want it to, and since the functionality is already there it really wouldn't take much to make it work this way which would make it a lot easier for people that want to play these kinds of games.

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    You could mostly make this in scripting i think. You can calculate distance with object's locations, and you could use the selection method that is in MrStump's memory bags to just select the object to measure movement from.

    It would appear on whatever is the measuring object as text, and you could deselect your selection with that scripted button or with a button on the measuring tool. You can spawn lines with code i believe and though it wouldn't look very thick, it would work. You might even be able to place the text with the measurement halfway between the origin and the object with its orientation changing to match the line's direction

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    I have a hex/square measure tool that might suit your needs.

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    Here's the link btw

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