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Thread: Custom Token not loading

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    Custom Token not loading

    So I was experimenting with custom tokens, and I seem to have gotten something stuck...

    The first few worked well, but this one has stopped loading.
    Tabletop simulator is still running, everything works as normal.
    But I have a square token, with a partial texture. And the top of the screen has a "loading... 70/71 99%" and has been that way for the last half hour, while i've been trying to figure it out/do other things.

    I've tried reloading, but it comes back again.
    I've attached a screenshot of the image, and a view of the png I was trying to load.

    I'd really like to know how to stop it from being in the scene.


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    It's really hard to tell with just this info. If you can post the save file, then I can take a look further. If you'd rather keep it private, just PM it to me. And then let me know the URL (or name) of the image in question.

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