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Thread: Hello! I've been longing to be a (global) chat moderator.

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    Question Hello! I've been longing to be a (global) chat moderator.

    Chat seems to be way under-moderated. I would screenshot my IRC client but I don't have it anymore. Discussion about Hitler, to the point of "Hitler killing the Jews is a hoax," and even saying the 4-letter swearword starting with a "D" goes unnoticed...

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    Thank you for your interest. I choose mods based on how they are in chat. Every mod was chosen based on their helpfulness, respect to others, etc. And everyone can be on at all times, but for the most part, it's moderated properly. Some things do get through however. It's nearly impossible to be watching 24/7.

    Just be helpful, nice and respectful in chat and if I see a regular occurrence based on my logs, I will contact those who seem to be a good fit.

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