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Thread: How do I look up which folder TTS is trying to pull textures from?

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    How do I look up which folder TTS is trying to pull textures from?


    I built a game in TTS that has a lot of custom bits and pieces with graphics, textures etc.
    I stored these files locally on my internal hard drive rather than uploading them into the cloud.

    I stopped working on the game for a couple of months. When I just opened it all the textures were missing.
    I realized that when I was moving files to an external hard drive a couple of weeks ago I must also have moved the folder with the textures.
    I think I threw all folders related to the game (couple dozen folders) into one folder and pulled it over, changing the folder structure TTS is now trying to access.

    I would like to restore the structure and bring the files back online, so I can then upload them into the cloud.
    The problem is that I can't remember the original file structure, nor the name of the folder that held the textures.
    Is there a way to look up where TTS is trying to pull the textures from, so that I can put them there for TTS to find and bring online?

    Thank you!


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    The file structure for where it looks for those files is wherever they were. So when you get those popups for all your custom objects, it still lists where on your PC it is looking for that object. So you can put the file back there for it to find. Starts with file:///

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