Hey everyone,

I have tried to play the game with Oculus Touch and, though it works, the interface is quite clunky. I have worked on some hobby VR titles in the past related to tabletop gaming and I understand that the reason things work they way that they do is probably to allow you to reach game elements that are far across the table.

I am suggesting that grabbing a game element work in the natural way that you'd expect to interact with the item rather than forcing the clunky button/joystick controls. For items that are further away you should be able to do the same thing, but there should be a grabby stick (like the kind old people use) that you could pick up and then interact with further away items. This is how I solved the same issue and it just seemed more natural.

Also, for card games, it'd be nice if you could interact with the cards in a more natural way as well.