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Thread: Card/deck objects: Get FaceURL and CardID

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    Card/deck objects: Get FaceURL and CardID

    For single card objects: getCustomObject() should contain these values.
    For deck objects: getObjects() should contain these values for each card in the deck.

    Saved objects have these values already, but there's no way to get these values in-game via the API.

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    I'd assume once they add the ability to spawn custom decks via scripting you'll see these added to the api, until then ...

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    i generate my custom decks with a php script which inserts all information i need into the deck's lua script, it's pretty clunky but it works.

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    What do you mean? We can't access or change the deck/card data in-game at all, right? Any generation would have to take part (and result being inserted in the save file) before loading the game.

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