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Thread: takeObject is taking objects with their colliders on

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    takeObject is taking objects with their colliders on

    I am using an asset bundle as a regular-style bag (not infinite). When I take objects out of it (also asset bundles) their collision is still active. So as they fly across the table they hit other things and scatter them.

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    I really hope this is fixed because it broke my mod that I spent over 500 hours on.

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    also noticing strange behavior with putObject(). it is back to things running into each other and getting caught on other bags in collision. guessing related? can change takeObject param to smooth false, but i don't think the param exists for putObject

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    Is this problem to do with custom 3d objects?

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    Specifically ones with custom colliders

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    Ok, thanks. I suppose if all else fails, I just take those out of the memory bags and figure out another way.

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    Going on 6 weeks it looks like, since this thread was started. Is progress being made to address it?

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    Can you guys post a save file / link to a workshop that can reproduce this bug?

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    I'll post one up tomorrow

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    I have a fix for this now actually, thanks tho.

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    I know I complained about it across multiple platforms. I appreciate that you are addressing it, however I am still having the same issue. I'm on update 10.2 hotfix 1. Is that correct? I tried to upload a video example to youtube but it is rejecting the file and won't let me upload.

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    Over a week and no answer? Please address this. Once this is fixed, I will no longer update because it seems shit gets broken all the time. Why should I spend a huge amount of time (over 3 months) making a mod that is destroyed in one fell swoop.

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    They *did* address some issues about concave coliders and takeObject() in the latest hotfix.
    You can employ workarounds (lock/setPosition on the objects that are getting yanked) like 99% of others doing any complex interactions.
    There are issues dating months/years, I'd reccomend trying to work with what we have, "one week" is nothing

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    Well, this has been broken for a lot longer than a week. What I meant was, it's been over a week and there hasn't even been a reply to my post. Whatever they "addressed" did not fix the issue for me. As shown in the video.

    What do you mean by lock/setPosition? I'm using MrStumps memory bags.

    It is extremely frustrating how the updates break shit. I was using a Kingdom Death table that became very unstable when they updated the physics and since that mod used a lot of collisions. So, I went off to create a whole new table from scratch. There was a huge amount of work put into it. And then, just like that, it's ****ing broke now. Frustrated.

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    Instead of just doing takeObject(...) -> obj.setPosition(...) for every taken object, do takeObject(...) -> obj.lock() -> obj.setPosition() and after taking everything like this, do obj.unlock() for each. And everything stays calm regardless of colliders.

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    here is the code section from MrStumps bags. It looks like he already has set lock

    function buttonClick_place()
        local bagObjList = self.getObjects()
        for guid, entry in pairs(memoryList) do
            local obj = getObjectFromGUID(guid)
            --If obj is out on the table, move it to the saved pos/rot
            if obj ~= nil then
                --If obj is inside of the bag
                for _, bagObj in ipairs(bagObjList) do
                    if bagObj.guid == guid then
                        local item = self.takeObject({
                            guid=guid, position=entry.pos, rotation=entry.rot,
        broadcastToAll("People of the Sun Loaded", {1,1,1})
    I am getting this problem with memory bags that only have cards in them. Cards do not have custom colliders correct? So maybe this issue has to do with something else?
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    It only locks whatever was locked when it was saved into the bag if I read this correctly.

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