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Thread: Hot Seat not working properly - color does not change

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    Hot Seat not working properly - color does not change

    This bug is very easy to reproduce, but it is very annoying (to code multiplayer games)!

    Reproduction of the error: Start a "Hot Seat" singleplayer game (2 players). Enable Options --> Turns --> Turns.
    In the Global script put:
    function onPlayerTurnStart(player_color_start, player_color_previous)
    print (player_color_start)
    Add any board, for example a "checker board" and add the following script:
    function onObjectDrop(player_color, droppedObject)
      print (player_color, " is dropping sth on me")
    Whenever you drop ANY object on this board, it always tells you the same color. You can end the turn, drop the object again - it mentions one and the same color.
    On turn start it mentions a color change, but the "onObjectDrop" event does not register this, too. I think the same goes for other predefinded events, but i haven't tested that thoroughly.

    This must be a bug, i can not make scripting work that depends heavily on which player moved which piece.

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    Thank you for the report. I believe hot seat was one of the things they announced was not fully functional with the last update (along with VR). I believe it is on their short-list of things to correct

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