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Thread: Uploading multiple files to the Steam Cloud

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    Angry Uploading multiple files to the Steam Cloud

    I'm just trying this out for the first time, so maybe I'm missing something (but i doubt it). We REALLY need a way to upload several files to Steam Cloud at once or in sequence.

    Right now it seems that you can only upload one file at time, which if you upload lots of files (quite common for TTS), means it's gonna take toooons of clicks!

    This is made even worse with the fact that the window closes after every selection (which it shouldn't) and that it doesn't remember where you were (shouldn't either, though having the "recent" folder does prevent complete madness)

    Imo, this is a really important feature, and should be both (theoretically) easy to implement and quick to do, so I really hope it gets added soon.
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    If you go into the cloud browser with your table open, there is a button to upload all the elements to steam cloud. I mention this just to try to be helpful, it may not fit your specific need.

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    I did end up doing that, but it's still a pretty bad way of doing it. It means if you're adding to a mod (this is my case) you have to have an empty table without all the stuff you don't want to upload to your personal Steam Cloud.

    Pretty obtuse experience when you should just be able to shift- or control-select multiple files (which the window itself even does allow! Just can't click "open" afterwards)

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    Sorry to necro a 9 month old thread- but I have a similar issue.

    I have looked all over the forms - I am probably missing it so I am sorry if this is a duplicate question.

    When I click on Cloud Manager then click Upload all Loaded files It tells me I dont have to upload files.

    I have recently got TTS and have started creating a mod for the game Babylon 5 Wars

    My issue is that I have made several hundred custom tiles for the ships and thought that when clicked on Update Workshop that it was saving all the custom tiles (that are not placed in game but are in my Saved Objects folder) to the mod as well. However a friend of mine that plays remotely went and down loaded my mod stated none of my "Saved Objects" are able to be accessed for him - that the entire folder is empty and that none of my sub folders exist.

    How do I make it so all my saved objects (tiles) also upload with the mod? I dont want to have to put down hundreds and soon to be 1000's of tiles all on the table at once and have the session take forever to load when I or others want to use it - it would take forever and frankly there is not enough space in TTS to accommodate the 30 custom hex boards I made and such.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Laurasha, you cannot upload your own saved objects in a way that they appear inside the saved objects menu of other players when they open the mod. You have to place them on the table and then upload that.

    Your only other option here would be to create bags with the tiles if you don't want them to be loaded all at once.

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