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Thread: Add a new object - Deck Holder

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    Add a new object - Deck Holder

    It's really annoying that a single card isn't considered a deck with 1 card for scripting purposes. it's also likewise annoying that a deck cannot be empty.

    i wish there was an object that was a "deck holder" which you could place on the table, and then 'putObject' cards into and it would behave like a deck when interacted with.

    for all intents and purposes this object would behave like a bag, but when a card was put inside, it would be stacked with any other cards already in there.

    it could also have a 'flipped' faceup/facedown state, and could be shuffled and have all interactions of a deck.

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    A custom bag in the shape of a deck might do this. Might need a basic script on it using onCollisionEnter to check if the object entering it was a deck or not so you could split up any decks put into it into individual cards, but I've never played with that idea

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