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Thread: Mods of the month/year

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    Mods of the month/year

    Would be neat to feature a mod each month! and also each end of year!

    Ideally, those mods would fill up a category over time of "mods of the month"

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    seems like something that could be hard to do... from what I have seen (I'm just guessing) Beserk is trying to play down the idea of the copy written game art and designs, which are what most mods are. They already do the spotlight for original games and tools, and I am not sure there will be any kind of official acknowledgement of the vast majority of mods. You can not even post on this site links to steamworkshop mods of copywritten stuff.

    Still, I think the idea in general is a good one.. some kind of structured monthly or 6 monthly event that picks a original design fomr a list might be a great idea. On BBG there is a geeklist that dose this for original Print and Play games... maybe something like that?
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