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Thread: Access Denied Errors On Startup

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    Access Denied Errors On Startup

    I just picked this up on sale at Steam, and noticed as soon as I load the game I get a lot of errors related to permissions. Errors like:
    Could not save image to disk: Access to the path C:\...... is denied.
    I also noticed that none of the steam workshop were loading. I got a .jas error if I recall. I am running Windows 10, and have not had any other issues with more intensive games. I tried the following:
    Restarted TTS several times...still no steam workshops and still the errros
    Unsubscribed from all (2) the workshops
    Uninstalled/reinstalled TTS
    Rebooted PC
    Ran the file locally as Admin

    I also let Steam install TTS normally (nothing special).

    Same errors. Anything else I could be missing? How long would I have for a much as I dont want too...

    I did notice if I go into settings and change the Mod Save location from Documents to Game Data it seems to work, but I get the Save .json error...still related to some access denied.

    Windows 10 with all updates current.

    I ran this on my surface book with no issues...but I want this to run on my main this is driving me nuts!


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    I think my Antivirus is blocking. Will try that and post if it is fixed.

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    My Antivirus was the causing the problem. I allowed for TTS and it cleared all issue.

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    Glad to hear the issue was sorted. Happy table gaming!

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