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    The Player Class function attachCameraToObject doesnít seem that useful to me. Iím sure it could be of some use, but that use seems to escape me. Iím pretty sure though it was probably introduced for some fairly narrow specific purpose, probably for some DLC in the store.
    In any case though I believe a function that would do the exact opposite would be infinitely more useful.
    That would be a function called attachObjectToCamera with the same parameters as the latter.
    With this function you could have an object such as a token that would stay stationary in the same position in a Players field of view no matter where the camera was pointing. You could put a button or display some info on that token and a player could interact with it no matter where the camera was pointing at any given moment. It would be like a poor mans Heads up Display (HUD).
    Other Players would see this Token floating in the air, moving around, giving them an indication of where the player was looking. This Token Object could almost be like the Players avatar.
    Yes, I could think of infinitely more useful things to do with a function like that.


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    Seconded. You could potentially have a 2nd on-screen hand by coding something like this

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    Or you could put a hat to the top of the camera to see where a player is looking at! Might have its use to see if players are looking where you want them to or find trolls doing things...

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    The problem is that most of the time you play in 3rd person mode, and the camera might move around the table a lot. Having a bunch of hats rotating around the table constantly, and potentially getting closer to the board or simply in front of your view, would be pretty annoying.

    This is also true for the first-mentioned use of attachObjectToCamera. The attached objects might need to be invisible to the other players

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