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Thread: Black pip ROUNDED dice...

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    Black pip ROUNDED dice...

    I know I could technically achieve this with custom dice, but I'd love to see either a new plastic rounded die with black pips (still tintable), or a toggle on the current plastic rounded dice to change to black pips. I love the look of the rounded dice, but white and other light colors just don't look right with white pips. If going the whole 9 yards, a custom rounded die would be nice too, to save the need for importing a model.
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    RPG Dice Collection has a set of custom rounded dice..... so if you like you can use them...

    I used these die in my Alien Frontiers mod as, like yourself really like the rounded die but not happy that they are not editable like the other die.

    All you need to do is load the OBJ file form that mod and print a UV tamplate and paint it.. I have my own templates still I can send you but I am in bed on my phone and can't be ****ed getting up and going to my desktop lol... if you want I can send you the file.

    To Devs

    TTS Die would be great to have a way to colour the pips.. as even with the more square die as they have white pips lite colours are hard to read. So at least an option for white or black pips would be great... also a proper custom die we can make our own gfx for like the square die would be nice as well, even if this mod has an alternative.
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