Generally when beginning a game on TTS, One of the first tasks a Player will do is select the color they will play during the game.
The process of selecting your Player Color causes the player to temporarily become a spectator (Gray Color) while the player chooses which color to select.

If "Turns" is enabled while a Player does this (And it's that Players Turn), "Turns" is automatically disabled. (Generally happens when the Host player changes his Player Color).

The end state is that almost always after a game is joined and Players select their Player Colors, "Turns" has been disabled and must manually be re-enabled.

This is not ideal and it's always a touchy proposition to try to remind players to "Re-enable Turns".

It would be much better if "Turns" is not automatically disabled when temporarily becoming a spectator or if there was a way to re-enable "Turns" using scripting.

My two cents.