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Thread: Stop treating all Workshop Items as Games

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    Exclamation Stop treating all Workshop Items as Games

    I wish there was a way to set workshop items to stop being treated as games no matter what. What I mean is this:
    If I load up a Workshop item that is a full game, it leaves everything that's currently loaded to just load the game, which is fine.
    But it also does this for even things like a table, a background, or a single model.

    Why should I have to Expand the Workshop item listing and load the specific thing if it's only a singular thing? In what situation is it beneficial to unload everything just to change the background, or to spawn a single banana?

    There are 3 ways this could be implimented and I would be fine with either:
    Option 1- Detect when a Workshop Item is just a singular file or easily changeable things (such as a background or table) and just load that over what's loaded, instead of wiping everything to load the new itmes
    Option 2- Allow Workshop Mod listings to designate if an item is a game or just a model/background/table, and then have the game load them as such. This would have the added benefit of being community-sorted AND being able to have more categories to sort by in the Workshop.
    Option 3- Just allow us users to designate certain items/mods to load their parts instead of wiping everything and loading from default.

    This would be extremely helpful for certain things that are fairly simple in use but actually detailed in the item itself, such as the extremely popular Kraken table, which is not just a table but is in fact many models tied together. Because of that, you can not easily import the Kraken table with the current Expand>Load Parts system as it brakes the connected parts.
    The fact that the files have been sorted as they are now from the very beginning isn't good. The system worked well for when TTS was smaller and was indeed mostly games, but as more and more stuff has been added to the Workshop, the more need there has been to be able to treat mods individually, instead of everything being given the full game treatment on load.

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    Just a heads up to help ease your troubles you can make items persist into other loads by going Toggles, "Persistent"

    So when you load a save the item you clicked Persistent on will carry on and you can do this multiple times.

    Good suggestion though

    Best of luck

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