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Thread: Rotating an object towards another one.

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    Rotating an object towards another one.

    I need help with rotating an object to face an other object
    I'm guessing this is probably basic vector math.
    Sadly, I preferred Packman to school when they were teaching us that....

    Anybody? Help!?

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    This worked for Mark I think:
    function faceObject(targetObject)
        local sPos = self.getPosition()
        local tPos = targetObject.getPosition()
        local tyRot = math.deg(math.atan2(tPos.x - sPos.x, tPos.z - sPos.z))
        local dist = math.sqrt((tPos.x - sPos.x)^2 + (tPos.z - sPos.z)^2)
        local txRot = math.deg(math.atan2(dist, tPos.y - sPos.y))
        self.setRotation({txRot-90, tyRot, 0}) -- might need constant offsetts here like this -90
    Only setting two axis rotations, can't control the 3rd, don't want to involve rotation matrices when I can't "require" some basic libraries.
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    Works like a charm. Thank you.

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