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    Post custom ui

    This would certainly be a big undertaking but it would be fantastic if we could create custom UI for our games.

    The way I picture this is with scripting. There would be functions to remove the default UI sections, and functions to let us add our own images and buttons (which could contain images themselves) as floating on-screen element (similar to the recent hand preview). To prevent being stuck, if there's any error in the UI script, the custom UI closes and reverts to the default UI, AND the user could press a key (let's say F11) to revert to the original TTS UI. And any mod with a custom UI could start out with an alert on-screen and in-chat telling them "this mod uses a custom UI. Press <key> to revert to the original UI.".

    Letting us remove default UIs would be great to give mods a real high-end production to mods. The buttons and images we set on-screen could be sized as a %age of the screen or in real pixels (probably would rarely want pixels, but useful to have anyway). Buttons would simply call custom script functions, and could be removed/added like normal buttons, but we could also use buttons to call "normal" functions that are already provided by TTS (like creating a button for switching to the flicking tool, if a game needs it often, or opening the games menu, etc). Images could be aligned to borders/corners (like "top" or "top-left") and just extend from there (so you could have images bigger than your screen's resolution for players using high-resolution displays like 4k).

    Ideally, there would also be a setting to change the scale of all custom UI. They would scale in relation to where they're anchored (so those "left" or "top-left" alignment mentioned before). This could easily be a variable that is left out of the first version of this custom UI however.

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    It's definitely something we've been thinking about. The current idea is to give you a way to use HTML/CSS to create onscreen UIs.

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    Hmmmm. The word CSS both excites and scares me a lot....

    I personally haven't had the most fun with it and I have heard bad things online, though I'm definitely far from being knowledgeable on the subject of webpage creation.

    That said, I'm excited because it's a very powerful tool/language, is very well documented online, and has applications to help its development.

    CSS would not necessarily be MY preferred choice, but it does make sense and if it allows the feature to be implemented sooner, then I'm all for it. All in all, it sounds like a good idea
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    I'm biased. I'm very comfy with css and HTML. I say do it up.

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