I am just discovering Tabletop Simulator. I have used other virtual tabletops programs before (Maptool, Roll20,...) to play mostly RPGs, but this one seems to be of a very different type.
I have not bought it yet, because I would like to have a better understanding of its capacities both visually and about macros use before committing myself to buying a number of licenses for my group.
I would be interested in producing my own graphic stuff (tokens, 2D or 3D maps,...) and I was searching for documentation to understand the capacities of the program.
I haven't seen a pdf of the documentation. Does it exist somewhere? I have found the wiki and the html documentation, but I really hate this kind of manuals. I have a very visual memory, and finding my way through this kind of user guides takes me ten times more efforts and time than leafing through a pdf. Videos can be nice to give a quick impression about something but you can never find an answer to a specific question.
So, I would really love to find a pdf user guide. Is there one somewhere?