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Thread: Lack of a menu button in Star Wars Destiny mod on Mac

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    Lack of a menu button in Star Wars Destiny mod on Mac

    I have just downloaded TTS to use the Star Wars Destiny mod. I have subscribed to the mod, and loaded it up in TTS. It says it loads to 100%. I then see the icon in the middle of the table (which contains a picture from star wars) and if I float my mouse over it then it says 'Menu'. I know that on this Menu I should be able to select how many players etc. I want to set up for. However there are no buttons that I can click on the Menu. If I flip the Menu icon over, or zoom in, or right click on it, there is nothing that shows the buttons appearing. This stops me from playing the game.

    I am on AS X Yosemite v10.10.5

    I have seen other people on the Steam Forum and elsewhere post about this problem. Icekobra (the creator of the mod) has said he cannot reproduce it (see

    I have unsubscribed and deleted the mod and reinstalled it and that has not helped.

    Many thanks in advance.

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    I believe there's an issue with scripting on Mac at the moment. I can't remember the fix. Anyone else remember?

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    Bumped this. I'm having the same problem. As of now I deleted and refunded TTS, since I only wanted it to play SWD.

    If anyone has a solution please let me know so I can get back in the game.

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