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Thread: Custom 3D Chess Issue - Pieces Jumping to Top Board

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    Custom 3D Chess Issue - Pieces Jumping to Top Board

    I am trying to recreate a game called Dragonchess in which there are three boards layered on top of each other.
    When I go to put pieces on the board, the pieces snap to the top board. One way I thought about going around this is to use joints and allow the player to rotate the boards around each other so that the boards can be flat to place pieces on.
    The problem with that is I don't understand how to set up the joints.
    I am open to any ideas on how I might get this to work.
    Is there a way to have the pieces jump between boards with a hotkey?
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    I was looking under toggles and saw auto raise. I had never noticed it. I turned it off for the chess pieces and now I can pull the chess pieces up and down between boards with relative ease.
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    Quick Update - As I am testing this I am finding that disabling auto raise makes moving pieces around each-other and capturing very difficult. I am now back to square one and stumped again.

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    I have figured out that if I hold R I can raise the pieces higher to go over the other pieces without using auto raise. This is more handsey and would be difficult for some. Especially when capturing. I have to continue to hold R, release the piece with the mouse button, then release R and pick up the piece under the one I dropped before they collide. Kind of fun to practice!

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    I had this issue once.. there is no easy fix.. but this will help..

    • Custom Meshes can have custom collision detection meshes.
    • The player can set a "auto raise" for when a object is picked up.

    These two thing may help.. I am not sure how it would work with the three levels.. but anyway...

    If you make a chess token mesh and then use a small object for the base of the chess object, then ONLY the base will have collition detection.

    So something like this.. only the "red" part is the collision object, but the black part is the normal mesh.

    What this means is that if you pick up an object and have the "raise in hand setting" so the default pick up is higher than the collision object... when you drag the chess thing around, it will move right through the textured part the player sees with no reaction.

    Maybe this will help.. as you can still move the chess objects from level to level, and they should just mopve through the other objects on the same level with no resistence. Have a play with this idea. maybe it will be enough.
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