Game version: Hotfix 2 v10.4
I am not running TTS on DX 11 beta.
OS: Windows 10
Atom version: 10.4.1
I cannot seem to update to 10.4.2 but the changelog does not show anything that would change my problem (not being able to update is not my problem)

function onload()
   bag = getObjectFromGUID("8561be")

function onScriptingButtonDown(ind,col)
   if ind == 1 then
      bag = getObjectFromGUID("8561be")
      bag.script_state = JSON.encode({1,1,1})
   elseif ind == 2 then
      bag = getObjectFromGUID("8561be")
      table = JSON.decode(bag.script_state)
1. press scripting button 1
2. put bag1 in bag2
3. pull out bag1 from bag2
4. press scripting button 2
5. log output is nil
I tried this with the default cube and it worked just fine.

Atom Problems: auto-completes to
WebRequest.pull(string, string, Object, string)
this function does not exist.
(there are other auto-complete functions but they auto-complete to the correct thing and shows a table is needed for parameters, not a string)

onScriptingButtonDown(int index, string player_color) and onScriptingButtonUp(int index, string player_color) are not in atom.