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Thread: JSON files NOT being created from workshop

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    JSON files NOT being created from workshop

    I keep trying to get help on this and am not sure if any support is reading this!!

    I am running on a MAC, 10.12.6 Sierra, 8GB RAM. No anti-virus is running and firewall is turned off. I am the "admin" of the computer with full rights.

    I purchased TTS and subscribed to various workshop mods. When I launch TTS I get error stating "data sent by Steam is empty". Upon further evaluation I have found that my json files are NOT being created in my Mods/Workshop folder, but the 256x256 png images for the mods are being created and they should show up in the TTS Games --> Workshop.

    I found this out by loading Steam and TTS on my work computer (same setup) and found that install created the png and the mod's json files (along with the main json file named WorkshopFileInfos.json). For kicks I copied these json files and installed on my home MAC in the Mods/Workshop folder and low and behold the mods appeared in the menu and the mod's actually loaded (Star Wars Destiny in particular).

    So at this point I have no idea why the json files are NOT being created and the png files are?

    I need some help on this, otherwise I just need to get a refund because I can't rely on going to work to physically copy the json files needed to populate the menu and play the game.

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    Just another update here to help someone debug whats going on.

    I loaded up TTS on a Windows laptop that was connected to my network and came up with the similar problem when trying to subscribe to any mod. The png files are created but no json files. It almost sounds like its pointing to my network (or router, My router is ARRIS SBG7580-AC. I added port forwards of 3478, 4379-4380 (and even 11155) to forward to my client address of with no luck. Does this help with the diagnosis?

    Thanks in advance for anyone that can help!

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