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Thread: BGG plays integration

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    Post BGG plays integration

    It would be great to be able to log plays on BGG once a game is finished.

    This would let us populate our BGG with our plays from TTS which would make it easier to gather data about our plays!

    Another way this could be done is if there was a scripting event like "onModChange" that triggers when a mod is selected in the Games menu OR before you leave a session to the main menu. (If going to the main menu, some sort of confirmation pop up would need to appear so players have the time to interact with whatever we want our script to do). That would allow the community to implement their own use of BGG's API so we build this functionality ourselves.

    Another potential consequence of this event would be allowing players to thumbs up/down/favorite a mod in the workshop after they've played it (assuming Steam Workshop has a publicly accessible API, which I'm not sure about). That would make the workshop a much more curated (and thus high-quality) community, since currently no one reviews a mod after having playing it since there's so many steps involved in finding the mod after a game.

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    Anyway to bring the BGG community into TTS would be nothing but good for TTS. It is by far the biggest community of boardgamers.

    In fact is there any good TTS guilds?
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    I wouldn't know about that. I'm all for bringing in the BGG community, but i'm not really a part of it

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